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Prayer Group

About us

It is to carry out the work of the Spirit through prayer groups, conferences, marriage counseling, husbands, women, families and young people, making known the plan of salvation and prayer, through His Word; Leading people to believe that there is a great God who can perform miracles.

Our vision

Our mission

"Eagle's Nest Ministries International Inc". It was founded on September 23, 2008 in Miami, giving it that name, because for several years before that date, our beloved Lord Jesus gave us the verse. Transforming lives through prayer and intercession with families from different churches. Desiring to have a change through the Power of his Holy Spirit and His Word.


“But those who wait for Jehovah will have new strength; they will lift wings like eagles; they will run and not tire; they will walk and not grow weary. "

-ISAIAS 40:31


"Again I tell you, THAT, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father who is in heaven." Matthew 18:19

About us

Eagle's Nest Ministries International Ministry was born in 2008 as a result of the Lord giving a vision to the founder Pastora Sandra Carcamo. The vision was to make a prayer group and started when four women began praying at dawn every day. God's purpose had already begun because through the years, the Holy Spirit brought women to be ministered and liberated with the aim of making changes in their personal lives and having faith to move forward and see and know the wonders that God could do. The same, at that time; as now, it was necessary to minister and be partakers of the liberation of oppressive spirits. Before that for many years as a ministry, the Founders also preached in different countries. At that time the ministry still had no name. but she preached as an Evangelist.

Eagle's Nest Ministries currently has 18 Pillars. These Pillars are in different places in the United States, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and South Africa and all the Pillars have specific functions. Apart from the prayer lines by phone, where prayer is established throughout the week. We have different countries and continents with different backgrounds where we share the word, prayer and conferences. Now, we also have Pastors added to the vision.

Likewise, other ministries have been added. With the same purpose of making the Word known, spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the dream of our founder. There are many Pillars of prayer throughout the world and that more homes, more families, and more women may be built around the earth.


What do we do


Our second great mission is to found "Little ouses of God." which are houses of prayer and food for children, to bring them the word, provide physical food and spiritual, emotional and physical restoration of the knowledge of the Bible. Our focus is that they receive joy and hope when they come together for a better tomorrow.

“And the priests could not be there to minister, because of the cloud; because the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God. " 2 chronicles 5:14 (kjv)

As a ministry Eagle's Nest Ministries int. We have several missions in various countries around the world. Another mission is the Eagles' Nest in Guadalajara where leaders have risen to serve women's prisons.

Meet Our Pastor and Founder of Eagle’s Nest

Between 2005 to 2008, I spent five years preaching in different countries, such as El Salvador, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Spain. At the same time, a prayer group was formed that began by phone with four women, with hearts ready to do God's will and develop a platform for prayer given by the Holy Spirit, where we interceded every day at 5:00 a.m. the morning. The Ministry currently has men, women and young people all connected in the same vision in different parts of the world, united in prayer through various means. Taking to each place revival meetings in different countries and places, in the nation and outside the United States where we are awakening the call of souls to salvation.

Pastor Sandra Carcamo is a Pastor and Prophetic Leader of Eagle's Nest Ministries International. Deliverance is a gift that sets captives free. She has the heart to help people fulfill divine purpose and destiny. She is a talented coach who helps train leadership and often uses Prophetic Ministry and prayer to empower people for change. Pastor Sandra is also a talented businesswoman and has the knowledge of how to help advance in business and in the spiritual life, combining the two areas and being productive in the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus to fulfill His purpose. Pastor Sandra Carcamo truly wants to hear from you to raise your esteem and to be diligently in what God has called you to do. For invitations to our Pastor to minister write to us at 

Pastor Sandra Carcamo, Founder


Amparo Tovar - Colombia
Carmen Ruiz - California
Cinthia Espinal - California
Edith Antuniano - Mexico
Elvira Simmons - Florida
Farida Caamano - New Jersey

Graciela Cruz - Florida
Leyla Sarduy - Florida
Luz Monzote - Florida
Maribel Bayona - Arkansas
Osvaldo Ayala - New Jersey

Pastor Maria Elena de Irias - Honduras
Patsy Sierra - Florida
Pilar Hoflich - Florida
Sandra Carcamo Founder Pastora - Florida
Sandy Silva - Florida
Yessika Cruz - Florida
Pastor Mohula Chuma - South Africa

The ministries that are under his wings,

from Eagle's Nest Ministries

  • Houses of God in Peru

  • Houses of God in El Salvador,

  • Houses of God in Venezuela

  • Little houses of God in Haiti

  • Houses of God in Ecuador

  • Houses of God in Nicaragua

  • Women's Prisons in Mexico

  • Freed to Love in Florida

  • Groups of Worshipers of the ENM Ministry

  • Group of men, The Josues of This Time

  • ENM Worship and Prayer Conference Lines

  • New Generation Eagle's Nest Dance Group

  • Priests and Intercessory Esters of This Time

  • Warriors of Jehovah Florida

  • Prayer Groups Stuart, Florida

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