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The story of Casitas de Dios was created by a dream given by God in 2003. The dream was very real, and it showed me three children. One sitting on a street gutter, from a very poor neighborhood, without clothes and he carried it like a stream of black waters. The second child was the son of a prostitute and the baby was lying in a cradle and the woman had blood on the bedsheet and the abandoned child.  The third child was the son of a wealthy family, and the child was in a crib alone, and the room was very big and some giant stuffed animals in the corners of that room. The following, which belongs to the other part of the vision and the dream, was a prophecy given by the Prophet Cindy Jacobs in the year 2012, saying that there was a woman that the Lord had placed in her heart to raise a place like a dining room for children, I got up and he told me that it was not only going to be a dining room for children but that they were going to be schools, universities not in one place but many places on earth.

Our grand vision

It is to be able to bring joy and life to the hearts of children around the earth, where each Casitas de Dios is established through the Word, prayer, food, games, and meetings that are held for them. Not only to bring them food and joy, but also to be provided with clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Lastly that the image and love of Jesus be captured in the heart of each child so that their future may be full of blessing.

Our Mission

To establish Casitas de Dios around the earth and to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ bringing them closer to the Gospel. Transforming lives so they become better men and women with a vision of the kingdom. For a better future and carry within them the power of the Gospel.


Little Houses of God Haiti

Little Houses of God India

Little Houses of God Venezuela

Casitas de Dios Colombia

Little Houses of God Nicaragua

Little Houses of God La Borgoña Nicaragua